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Spartacus Blood and Sand: Ep. 3 Legends

In this episode, we discuss the layers of character development and the reality of men performing sexual acts under duress of command.

Spartacus Blood and Sand: Ep. 2 Sacramentum Gladiatorum

In this episode, we speculate what Glaber’s Facebook status updates might be like, and what it would be like to road trip with Illythia. Of course, the oiled bodies are discussed at length.

Spartacus Blood and Sand: Ep. 1 The Red Serpent

Hello! This is a Spartacus podcast featuring some chuckleheads named Em, Steve, and Paul. Our approach is to mine some of the rewards often discovered upon re-watch while limiting the spoilers for the new viewers. Em and Steve have already been initiated into the brotherhood while Paul is entering the ludus for the very first […]


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